Setting ADSL Modem TP-LINK TD-8817 ADSL2 2 + Ethernet USB Router

Step Setting Modem ADSL Speedy Brand TP-LINK TD8817  
1. Make sure all cables installed properly

2. Click the Start menu in the desktop / right click My Network Places, then select Properties

3. Right-click Local Area Connection, then select Properties

4. Select the General tab, highlight Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), then click the Properties button;

5. Configuring the IP Address as shown above, after which it then click OK; Note: Preferred DNS Server standard is: Charging above, fill me with the DNS service Speedy, where control is taken from the area I live when setting it Speedy Note: You can also configure the computer to obtain an automatic IP address, select 'Obtain an IP address automatically "and" Obtain DNS server address automatically "as shown above.
Furthermore, you can run the Ping command at a command prompt to verify the network connection. Click the Start menu on your desktop, select run tab, type cmd or command directly ping and press Enter. If test results are displayed together with the images below, the connection between a PC with a router / modem are correct.
If test results are displayed together with the images below, it means that the connection between a PC with a router / modem fail or are not connected.
After the PC is configured correctly, then, you can configure the router / modem via a web browser by typing the IP address of the router / modem at the URL field:
Once there, you'll see a screen like the following, input a default User Name admin and default password admin then click OK, to access the Quick Setup screen. You can follow the steps below to complete Quick Setup.
Step 1, Select the Quick Start tab, then click the Run Wizard, you will see a screen similar to below, then click the NEXT button;
Step 2, Set up time for the router / modem, then click the NEXT button;  
Step 3, select the connection type to connect to an ISP (we select the PPPoE / PPPoA mode for example access to TelkomSpeedy here) then click NEXT button;  
Step 4, the configuration options below in accordance with the account provided by ISP's such as: Username, Password, VPI, VCI, and Connectio Type, then click the NEXT button;

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